A Game of Cooking Fun for 2-6 Players. What Will Your Signature Dish Be?

Players: 2-6 Time: 30-60 Min. Age: 14+

You and your closest friends and family have been invited to partake in a friendly food competition to become the newest Head Chef. You finally have your chance to show the world your skills as a culinary master, but beware as other chefs are also looking to make a name for themselves. Use your wits and culinary intuition to survive. May the best chef win!

Do you have what it takes to become Head Chef?

What Will You Serve?

Each game will require varying levels of strategy and player interaction. Collect Menu Cards to build your menu. You have 15 rounds to build your full course menu and have a chance at becoming “What’s on the Menu’s” next Head Chef.

A Cook Must Be Cunning!

In this intense cooking competition, you’ve got to use every advantage you can get. Utilize Action Cards to boost your menu or sabotage other competing chefs!

Serve the Best Dishes.

Each Menu Card has a range of 0-3 possible stars. Some Menu Cards have added bonus that can be added at the end of the game. Contend with other Chefs by out-cooking them all and if you serve the best menu at the end of the game, you’re the next Head Chef!

Players: 2-6 Time: 30-60 Min. Age: 14+